5 things your milk(wo)man wants you to know

The neighbourhood milkman was a regular sight in the 1970s and 1980s, with more than 90% of milk sales coming from home deliveries. By 2016 this had plummeted to 3% — but there seems to be something of a renaissance on the cards, with people all over the UK sitting up and taking notice at the clear advantages of this to-your-doorstep service. Still need convincing? We caught a ride on a local float to get the inside word on everything our milk(wo)man wants us to know.


As told to Gussy Aureli

#1: We try to get our last delivery done by about 7am.

It does mean setting an alarm for the middle of the night, but anything is better than sitting in rush-hour and school-run traffic (and that’s to say nothing of the traffic wardens!).

#2: These days, it’s not just cow’s milk on offer.

You can also get soy, lactose-free and vegan options, as well as lots of other groceries.

#3: Yes, we do notice you on your way home from a late night out.

No judgement though!

#4: Good news for the sustainability minded: we can reuse our glass milk bottles about 20 times before they need to be recycled.

Once you put them back out for collection, we take them back to our dairy to be sanitised, and then they’re put back in rotation.

#5: It’s a little more expensive — but it’s worth it.

Not only does the slightly higher price include direct-to-your-door delivery, up to six days a week, but as every milkman will tell you, nothing beats the taste of fresh milk from a glass bottle. Plastic simply can’t hold a candle to it!

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Gussy Aureli is an editorial consultant who can be found blogging at gussyaureli.com.