About Us

On 23rd March 2020, Boris Johnson issued a nationwide lockdown due to COVID-19 and ordered all non-essential businesses to shut.

One of the key takeaways from this (excuse the pun) was to use delivery services to reduce footfall in supermarkets – and most importantly – support those businesses that had to close their doors.

From this pivotal moment, Your Local Delivered was born. Created by friends – Charlotte, Chris and James – we all share a passion for championing local businesses and wanted to do something to help.

Your Local Delivered is a free-to-use online community, set up with one goal – to connect local, independent businesses with those at home during this global crisis. Why? Because we all have a responsibility. We are responsible for staying at home and keeping those around us safe. We also have a responsibility to support each other on a global scale, and this starts with helping local communities not only to continue to operate, but to thrive under these circumstances.

We connect you with your favourite locals, who are set up and able to deliver to your door.

Forget queueing, forget stockpiling, but don’t forget about the businesses that define your local area.

We are continually working hard behind the scenes to improve how the website looks and functions, and always welcome feedback and suggestions as to how we can improve. But for now, we hope it’s a start in helping to showcase the fantastic local independent businesses that we all have on our doorstep and need to support.

COVID-19 might have taken us all by surprise, but we will get through this, together.

Keep calm and get Your Local Delivered.