Buying local for a better future

First of all – thank you for helping to support Your Local Delivered.

We’re one month down, and one step closer on our mission to connect local independent businesses across the UK with those at home during COVID-19.

As a supporter, you’ll know that this should not be a time to shift to global retailers for supplies. This is the time to turn to local artisans, farmers, catering professionals, craftsmen, makers, and bakers. These are the individuals that have been directly impacted by broken supply chains with industry giants and suffered significantly from wasted produce. They are also the ones who are more than capable of supplying directly to local communities through deliveries. So we must encourage others to step up, and support them.

To better illustrate this, an article highlighting the current pressure on our food supply system can be found here.

It’ll come as no surprise that we will still be feeling the effects of this pandemic for quite some time after lockdown is over. Not only do we need to support our local businesses now, we must look to the future too. There’s a lot that needs to be done behind the scenes and systems will need to be streamlined – for a farmer, butcher or baker to adapt to local deliveries overnight is no mean feat. It’ll take some time but change needs to happen so we’re not so reliant on supermarkets and we can ensure our nation’s food supply system doesn’t suffer quite so drastically again.

We’re hopeful that Your Local Delivered will be there every step of the way.

Charlotte, Chris and James Your Local Delivered co-founders