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Tails Cocktails



Tails Cocktails are expertly batched cocktails, designed for bars and hospitality to ensure consistent quality, ease and speed of service.

Established in London 2010, Nick Wall founded Tails with a vision to make high-quality cocktails more accessible to a wider audience of cocktail lovers.

Our cocktails are made with premium spirits and liqueurs, blended with only natural flavours, juices and infusions.

Produced in batches of 1L bottles and KEGs, Tails Cocktails improve efficiency and sustainability by reducing wastage.

Tails Cocktails are available for home delivery at with bestsellers like the Espresso and Pornstar Martini.

Tails Cocktails are easy to prepare. We have done all the hard work so can you simply enjoy the fun of shaking, stirring and topping to indulge perfectly balanced cocktails. Either follow the enclosed recipe card or watch our How To Videos linked to the QR code or on

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