Farm to fork: rhubarb won’t kill you, but it might get you a little drunk

Farm to fork is our new series that tells you everything you need to know about the fruit and veg that’s in season now.  This month, it’s rhubarb. Gussy Aureli spoke to Victoria Drake from Grow Your Groceries about the Barney the Dinosaur of the herbaceous perennial world, including how to grow it, cook it, […]

Social Pantry’s Lemon and Raspberry Tart Recipe

Haven’t you heard? It’s World Baking Day today! We’re pretty certain that around 60% of the population will have been living off banana bread for two months by now, so we’re mixing things up and throwing a tart recipe into the blend. Brought to you by YLD friend, Alex Head – founder of London’s go-to […]

5 things your milk(wo)man wants you to know

The neighbourhood milkman was a regular sight in the 1970s and 1980s, with more than 90% of milk sales coming from home deliveries. By 2016 this had plummeted to 3% — but there seems to be something of a renaissance on the cards, with people all over the UK sitting up and taking notice at the […]

Facebook launches new tools to support small businesses

Spotted the new Instagram sticker in Stories today? Or seen the hashtag – #SupportSmallBusiness – featured in your Facebook newsfeed? These are just a few of the tools Facebook has recently released for people to support and discover small businesses that have been impacted by Covid-19. With stores closed, the shift to online is more […]

Chain relief: who will fix the UK’s broken food supply system — and how?

The UK is facing a food waste crisis as a result of coronavirus-related disruption to supply chain distribution. Fixing it requires an all-hands-on-deck approach — but it’s the government who holds the ultimate power in ensuring farmers aren’t forced to put all their eggs in one basket.  – Contributed by Gussy Aureli What does 70 […]

Buying local for a better future

First of all – thank you for helping to support Your Local Delivered. We’re one month down, and one step closer on our mission to connect local independent businesses across the UK with those at home during COVID-19. As a supporter, you’ll know that this should not be a time to shift to global retailers for supplies. […]